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Neptune from the "Doria Grotesques" RE886108

Neptune from the "Doria Grotesques" RE886108

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Presenting "Neptune," a majestic tapestry from the renowned "Doria Grotesques" series, designed by the illustrious Italian artist Perino del Vaga in 1545, and masterfully woven in the Southern Netherlands around 1550. This tapestry stands as a testament to the grandeur of the seas, featuring Neptune, the god of the seas, resplendently poised with his trident and a companion dolphin atop a richly adorned pedestal.

Surrounded by an intricate arrangement of curling plant tendrils, frolicking animals, playful putti, and elegant drapery swags, the tapestry captures a world where classical mythology breathes through every thread. Above Neptune, in a decorative cartouche, Minerva is depicted receiving a victory palm, enhancing the mythological narrative and emphasizing themes of triumph and wisdom.

This piece is the only surviving example from what was originally a thrice-woven series, each piece a paean to a different deity. Crafted for the naval commander Andrea Doria, it was intended as the centerpiece of his impressive tapestry collection at his palatial residence in Fassolo, near Genoa. The "Doria Grotesques" are a celebration of Perino del Vaga’s exceptional ability to meld respect for ancient art with the graceful influences of Raphael’s Renaissance.

Although designed in Italy, "Neptune" was brought to life in Brussels, a city renowned for its tapestry weaving excellence. Woven from wool and silk, the tapestry boasts a subtle color palette that enhances its detailed hatching and nuanced interplay of light and shadow, creating a trompe l'oeil effect that brings the mythological figure to vivid life.

"Neptune" is not merely a decorative artifact; it is a symbol of art historical importance and a cultural treasure that resonates with the identity of its original patron. For collectors and admirers of Renaissance art, this tapestry offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history intricately linked to myth, art, and the prestige of one of Italy’s great naval heroes.

Neptune from the "Doria Grotesques" RE886108

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