About Us

Greetings from Romantic English, a sanctuary where the intricate beauty of history's tapestry is reawakened through our exquisite collection of decorative tapestries and fabric prints. Led by the visionary David Harrison, we are passionately dedicated to reviving the grandeur and narrative of the past. Our selections are not mere decorations but a rich blend of stories and artistry, each woven from the timeless fibers of history.

Join us on a magical expedition through time, where each item serves as a gateway to a bygone era, meticulously crafted to enhance and inspire the ambiance of your spaces. At Romantic English, we not only celebrate the majestic heritage of historical artistry but also invite you to immerse yourself in the romance and charm of the English tradition. Our commitment is to transform your environment into a narrative space where each piece resonates with the echoes of antiquity and the allure of timeless elegance.

Our offerings are a curated symphony of textures and hues, each selected for its historical significance and aesthetic appeal. We invite you to explore our collection, from the lush, verdant patterns of Verdure tapestries to the storied battle scenes depicted in our Medieval range. Each piece is a testament to the skilled artisans of the past whose hands crafted narratives into every thread.

As you adorn your home with our pieces, you do more than decorate a room; you revive the past and bring its elegance into the present. Celebrate with us the continuous thread of human creativity and ingenuity that Romantic English proudly weaves into the fabric of everyday life.

In this spirit, Romantic English invites you to weave a personal connection with history. Each item in our collection is not only a piece of decor but a bridge to the past, inviting you to experience the storied traditions and exquisite craftsmanship of earlier centuries. Through our tapestries, we offer more than just art; we offer an experience—an opportunity to live amidst the beauty and narrative richness that have shaped our world. Let each thread and color bring the past vividly to life in your home, creating a space that is both historical and deeply personal.