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Romantic English

Garden of Unicorn Eden: The Eternal Bloom Dutch 1600 Tapestry RE069394

Garden of Unicorn Eden: The Eternal Bloom Dutch 1600 Tapestry RE069394

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This tapestry is an exuberant celebration of nature, abundant with floral and fruit motifs, suggesting a garden in eternal bloom. The design is symmetrical and seems to pulsate with life, creating a sense of balance and harmony.

Central to the design are large medallions featuring animals, likely symbolizing peace and prosperity. These animals are enclosed in wreaths, possibly signifying victory or nobility. Around these medallions, the tapestry is a riot of color with various fruits and flowers depicted in intricate detail, each stitch contributing to the overall richness.

The borders are no less detailed, with smaller medallions repeating the animal motif and are interspersed with vases, a classic symbol of wealth and luxury. The background color, a deep and verdant green, sets off the golds, reds, and yellows of the flora and fauna, making them appear almost luminous.

Such a tapestry would not have been merely decorative; it was a statement piece, intended to convey the status and refined taste of its owner. The care taken in its creation suggests it may have been commissioned for a person of high status, possibly for a grand hall or private chamber within a palace or manor house.


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