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Romantic English

The Concert from a pair of Indo-Chinese scenes RE799476

The Concert from a pair of Indo-Chinese scenes RE799476

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The Concert from a pair of Indo-Chinese scenes RE799476

Presenting "The Concert," a tapestry that encapsulates the exotic allure and refined aesthetics of the Indo-Chinese scenes, attributed to the legendary workshop of John Vanderbank the Elder. Vanderbank, who helmed the Great Wardrobe in London from 1689 to 1717, was renowned for his impeccable weaving and restoration of tapestries specifically for the British crown.

In the early 1690s, Vanderbank crafted a series of tapestries "designed in the Indian manner" specifically for Queen Mary's apartments at Kensington Palace, a nod to the queen’s passion for Chinese porcelain. This initial series sparked a creative evolution, culminating in designs like "The Concert," which seamlessly blended Eastern motifs with Western tapestry techniques.

"The Concert" is a standout example from this period, reflecting a commercially successful adaptation that was woven multiple times in the early 18th century. This tapestry is not just a piece of fabric; it is a fusion of cultural narratives, a vibrant tableau that brings the mystique of Indo-Chinese artistry into the heart of European grandeur.

Ideal for those with a discerning eye for historical depth and cultural sophistication, "The Concert" offers more than just aesthetic appeal—it is an investment in a piece of art that carries the legacy of royal tastes and the finesse of Vanderbank’s craft. This tapestry is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts eager to own a slice of artistic history that bridges continents and centuries.

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