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Romantic English

The Camel from a set of five Grotesques RE302617

The Camel from a set of five Grotesques RE302617

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Introducing "The Camel," a splendid piece from the captivating collection known as the Berain Grotesques, designed around the late 17th century and woven between 1690 and 1711. This tapestry is a vivid celebration of whimsy and imagination, featuring a delightful ensemble of musicians, acrobats, and exotic animals, all set within a fantastical architectural framework.

This piece owes its distinctive style to the influential Jean Berain (1640–1711), whose designs often included playful and surreal elements that stood in stark contrast to the more traditional and ornate French tapestries of the earlier seventeenth century. "The Camel" embodies this shift, presenting a lighter, more whimsical aesthetic that captivated the French aristocracy and decorators alike during a period of growing interest in lighter and more playful art forms.

Produced by the renowned Beauvais workshop, known for its mastery in tapestry craftsmanship, "The Camel" is part of a series that enjoyed widespread acclaim and popularity, particularly among French clients who appreciated its innovative design and charming subject matter. The tapestry not only showcases a rare artistic theme but also exemplifies the transition in tapestry design during the late Baroque period, moving towards more imaginative and less formal expressions.

"The Camel" is perfect for collectors and admirers of unique textile arts, offering a glimpse into a period of artistic transformation and the playful side of French tapestry. It is an exceptional piece that brings a touch of whimsy and historical intrigue to any collection or space, appealing to those who value both the aesthetic and the anecdotal in art.

The Camel from a set of five Grotesques RE302617

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