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Romantic English

The Apostles Creed RE967768

The Apostles Creed RE967768

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Ah, let us turn our attention to a rather splendid relic of textile art, namely the Apostles Creed tapestry, a European marvel dating from that indeterminate, but decidedly robust period of the late 16th century.

Now, what we have here is not merely a tapestry, but a veritable visual encyclopaedia of Christian doctrine, rendered in wool and silk. Each of the fifteen compartments of this grand piece is a tableau vivant, each meticulously depicting one of the venerable articles of the Apostles’ Creed—those pithy summations of Christian beliefs that have echoed through the arches and vaults of Christendom since the fourth century.

This particular tapestry is a rarity, my dear friends, not only because it has survived the wear and tear of some four centuries, but also due to its comprehensive presentation of each creedal declaration in a singular display, unadorned by any textual elaboration. One might say it unfurls like a divine comic strip, from the Creation at the top to the promise of everlasting life at the bottom.

Its design, charmingly straightforward—perhaps even a touch provincial—ensures that the narratives are instantly accessible, serving as a pictorial catechism that would have been of immense value in the religious instruction of the time. Imagine, if you will, the parishioners of yore, their faces upturned, tracing the path of their beliefs woven into the very fabric of this piece. It is, in every thread, a testament to faith and a portal to the past.

The Apostles Creed RE967768

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