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Harvest Celebration: Pastoral Tapestry Reproduc. October Harvest Scene RE741681

Harvest Celebration: Pastoral Tapestry Reproduc. October Harvest Scene RE741681

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Introducing a Timeless Treasure: The 18th Century French Tapestry of October's Allegory

You're invited to the world of artistic splendor with our latest creation—an exquisite tapestry portraying the allegory of the month of October. This masterpiece was originally part of a renowned twelve-piece series, Les Mois de Lucas, commissioned by none other than King Louis XIV in 1712 from the prestigious Royal Gobelins Manufactory in Paris.

History and Elegance Woven Together

This particular tapestry, gifted to the Swedish diplomat and field marshal Count Eric Sparre in 1717, now marks a significant moment as it reunites with its Swedish roots. Out of the original dozen, only seven of these historic tapestries are known to exist today. Before our creation, Sweden was home to only one such piece. The recent purchase adds another chapter to its fascinating journey, which saw it leave Sweden in 1923 as part of Carl Robert Lamm's collection.

A Tapestry Rich in Story and Detail

The motif of this tapestry harks back to a suite woven in Brussels around 1535, once wrongly attributed to Lucas van Leyden, hence its name. Despite its age, this design remained popular, inspiring several copies between 1680 and 1770. The central panel captures a festive scene, with figures enjoying wine and autumn fruits, set against a backdrop of a bountiful harvest. The border is a tapestry of its own, adorned with intricate garlands of flowers, fruit, and medallions featuring portraits in profile.

Preserved Beauty for Generations to Admire

This well-maintained tapestry retains much of its original vibrancy, thanks to meticulous care over the years. This addition is not just a testament to the museum's dedication to preserving fine art and craft, but also a symbol of the collective effort required to uphold our rich cultural heritage.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable addition to our collection, as we continue to cherish and protect these timeless treasures for generations to come.

Harvest Celebration: Pastoral Tapestry Reproduction October Harvest Scene RE741681

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