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Romantic English

The Triumph of Time over Fame RE584632

The Triumph of Time over Fame RE584632

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"The Victory of Time over Celebrity"

Crafted in the South Netherlands around 1500–1530, a profound tapestry illustrates an allegorical scene: an elderly figure embodying Time, reigns over a chariot, trampling Fame beneath its formidable wheels. In solemn procession, four venerable figures tread alongside, symbolizing the enduring legacy of time: Adam, Methuselah, and Noah from biblical lore, accompanied by Nestor from Greek mythology. This poignant portrayal, echoing the sentiments of Petrarch's "I Trionfi," reveals the sobering truth that even the loftiest heights of fame succumb to the relentless march of time.

Commissioned for the illustrious château de Septmonts, the esteemed residence of the bishops of Soissons, this tapestry series serves as a visual testament to the fleeting nature of renown. Bishop Symphorien de Bullioud, steeped in the richness of Italian culture through his diplomatic endeavors in Rome and Milan for Louis XII, is believed to have entrusted the creation of this masterpiece, thereby immortalizing a timeless message for generations to come.

The Triumph of Time over Fame RE584632

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