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Romantic English

Saint Veronica RE736858

Saint Veronica RE736858

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Introducing "Saint Veronica," a remarkable tapestry from around 1525, possibly designed by the esteemed Netherlandish artist Bernard van Orley. This piece is a fine example of the small-scale devotional tapestries that held a place of prestige in the most elite collections of Renaissance Europe.

"Saint Veronica" showcases the incredible skill of its weavers, who intricately rendered the folds of Veronica’s mantle using silver thread to masterfully create the effect of watery reflections. The tapestry is distinguished by its compelling design and the life-size depiction of Saint Veronica, whose head overlaps the border, giving the illusion that she is stepping out of the textile and into our physical space. This dynamic feature enhances the tapestry's presence, making it not just a visual delight but a piece that interacts with its viewers.

Such tapestries were highly prized during the sixteenth century, as evidenced by the significant investment made by Queen Isabella of Castile, who spent the equivalent of ten years of a ship master's salary on a buying trip for twelve textiles of similar nature. Additionally, a tapestry comparable in size and subject to this one was once owned by Isabella’s granddaughter, the Habsburg Queen Catherine of Portugal, underscoring its appeal and value among royal patrons.

The historical and artistic significance of "Saint Veronica" makes it an exquisite addition to any collection, particularly appealing to those who cherish Renaissance art and the profound narrative content of religious iconography. Ideal for museums, private collectors, or institutions dedicated to ecclesiastical history, this tapestry offers a unique blend of artistic mastery and spiritual depth, providing a window into the devotional practices and aesthetic preferences of the Renaissance

Saint Veronica RE736858

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