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Romantic English

Hawking Party RE882418

Hawking Party RE882418

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Hawking Party

From the fertile artistic soil of the South Netherlands, around 1500 to 1530, emerges this tapestry depicting a hawking party, a favored pastime among the nobility of the Renaissance era. The scene vividly illustrates a group of aristocrats, both men and women, engaged in the sport of falconry, a symbol of status and the refined leisure activities of the upper class.

In this lively tableau, participants are shown in elegant period attire, each playing distinct roles within the hunting expedition. The birds of prey are perched regally on their owners' gloved hands, ready to be released in pursuit of game. The landscape, likely a mix of open fields and wooded areas, provides a rich backdrop that enhances the dynamism and realism of the scene.

Such tapestries served not just as ornamental wall hangings but also as narrative pieces that depicted and celebrated the social customs and entertainment of the time. They were often commissioned by the wealthy to display their interests and their alignment with the fashionable pursuits of the era. This particular work would have been valued for its detailed craftsmanship, the depiction of the luxurious costumes, and its portrayal of a popular leisure activity that defined aristocratic life.

Hawking Party RE882418 

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