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Romantic English

The Unicorn Purifies Water (from the Unicorn Tapestries) RE422050

The Unicorn Purifies Water (from the Unicorn Tapestries) RE422050

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"The Unicorn Purifies Water," part of the iconic Unicorn Tapestries, combines French design with South Netherlandish weaving techniques, creating a masterpiece that transports viewers to a world of myth and enchantment. Created between 1495–1505, this tapestry is currently exhibited at The Met Cloisters in Gallery 17, where its beauty and symbolism continue to captivate audiences.

At the center of the composition, the majestic unicorn kneels before a tall white fountain, its magical horn touching the water's surface. Perched on the edge of the fountain are a pair of pheasants and a pair of goldfinches, adding to the tapestry's sense of natural abundance and vitality. Other animals, both exotic and native to Europe, lounge nearby, while twelve hunters in the background discuss their discovery of the unicorn.

Flora and fauna abound in this scene, playing integral roles in the tapestry's narrative. Notably, plants known for their medicinal properties, such as sage, pot marigolds, and orange, are positioned near the stream. These plants, prescribed in medieval herbals as antidotes to poisoning, underscore the theme of purification symbolized by the unicorn's magic horn.

"The Unicorn Purifies Water" is a testament to the enduring allure of medieval symbolism and storytelling. Through its exquisite craftsmanship and rich iconography, it invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where myth and reality intertwine, and the miraculous power of the unicorn reigns supreme.

The Unicorn Purifies Water (from the Unicorn Tapestries) RE422050

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