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Romantic English

Tapestry with the Annunciation RE966662

Tapestry with the Annunciation RE966662

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The Tapestry with the Annunciation, originating from the South Netherlandish tradition around 1410–20, offers a breathtaking glimpse into the sacred moment of the Virgin Mary's encounter with the archangel Gabriel. Within the confines of an ornate chamber, Mary is depicted in a moment of profound awe and reverence, her gaze drawn away from her book by the sudden appearance of Gabriel.

The archangel, bearing a scroll inscribed with the words "Ave gracia plena" ("Hail [Mary], full of grace"), stands as the celestial messenger delivering divine tidings. Above them, the divine presence is invoked as God the Father sends forth the infant Jesus, accompanied by the symbol of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Their descent towards Mary, symbolized by the trajectory of their movement, underscores the gravity and significance of the moment.

The enclosed garden that surrounds Mary serves as a metaphor for her purity and virginity, a sacred space untouched by the worldly impurities. Amidst this symbolism, a single white lily, delicately placed in an elaborate pottery jar, further accentuates Mary's immaculate purity.

Though not currently on view, the Tapestry with the Annunciation remains a testament to the exquisite artistry and profound spiritual significance of the South Netherlandish tradition. Through its intricate weaving of religious iconography and symbolism, it invites viewers to contemplate the mysteries of faith and the enduring power of divine grace.

Tapestry with the Annunciation RE966662

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